Episode 18: Who Are MCS? With Will Jones

Posted on Tuesday, Feb 2, 2021
In this episode, Ryan and Jack introduce Will Jones - Consultant from Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) to give us the lowdown on what MCS is and how it’s been built to help Microsoft customers deploy services into live environments.

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Episode 18 is here!

Ever wondered what Microsoft Consulting Services is and how it works? This week Ryan and Jack welcome Will Jones, Consultant from MCS to talk us through how MCS can help you and your business. Will shared some customer success stories showcasing where MCS has a strong track record transforming traditional I.T workloads into something innovative and modern. We then dived into the day to day of an MCS consultant and Will shared a great insight into this background and journey into the role he now does. We hope this episode gives you all you need to know on Microsoft Consulting Services!

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Andrew Marshall & Jake Marshall


Will Jones

Will Jones

Will is a Senior Technical Delivery Consultant at Microsoft Consulting Services.

In his own words “As part of Microsoft Services I work closely with large customers worldwide, helping them to become part of tomorrow’s digital vision. Being part of a shared process, advising and supporting customer decision makers so that they can take better decisions. Working with the latest Cloud and Security technology.

I provide technical leadership and technical knowledge transfer directly to my customers (mainly our largest Enterprise and Government/Public Sector customers) who are deploying, maintaining or innovating solutions using the latest Microsoft technology. I enable our customers to have the skills to deploy, support and maintain their environment in line with Microsoft best practices."


Jack Tracey

Jack Tracey

Jack lives in West Sussex, England, United Kingdom just north of Brighton. He is a Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft in the Customer Architecture and Engineering team.

He can be found maintaining and updating solutions like Enterprise Scale and Azure Landing Zones most of the time. And when not in those worlds, you can find him assisting customers with all things Azure Infrastructure, Security & Governance.

Jack is also a former Microsoft MVP for Azure!

Ryan Littlemore

Ryan Littlemore

Ryan lives in East Sussex, United Kingdom just outside of Eastbourne.

He is a Senior Azure Infrastructure Specialist at Microsoft, currently working in the Media, Telecoms & Professional Services sectors in the UK.