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Episode 13: AHUB - Azure Hybrid Usage Benefit

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13/11/2020 Jack Tracey & Ryan Littlemore None

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Show Notes

Episode 13 is here and recorded on Friday the 13th; living life on the edge! This week we are back with another short, sharp blast on another Azure topic; this week its AHUB (Azure Hybrid Usage Benefit).

AHUB is a great offering to help customers with existing licensing purchases/agreements for Windows Server, SQL Server and now some Linux distros (RHEL and SLES), to not have to pay for the licenses again when migrating the workloads to Azure; providing your licenses are eligible for AHUB.

In this episode we cover what AHUB is, what it can be used for and how it helps, how it can be applied and used and also dip our toes into ESU (Extended Security Updates), AVS (Azure VMware Solution) and how they all work together.

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