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Episode 6: DevOps For IT Ops

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Date Recorded Hosts Guests
01/07/2020 Jack Tracey & Ryan Littlemore April Edwards - Senior Software Engineer @ Microsoft

This podcast, its content and all things relating to the Sussex Azure User Group are NOT affiliated with Microsoft or any of its partners! All thoughts, views, opinions our of the talkers own minds!

Show Notes

Episode 6 is here! This week Jack & Ryan are joined again by our friend & colleague April Edwards (Senior Software Engineer @ Microsoft) for her 2nd apperance at our user group, however this time virtually!

As a 3 we discuss why DevOps is not just for developers and how it is super useful for everyone in IT Ops or Sys Admin roles. We discuss what we all believe the defintion of DevOps to be and what Microsoft define it as! As well as all of our journeys from on-premise infrastructure backgrounds to DevOps!

This is one certainly not to miss if your are hearing of Git, GitHub, Azure DevOps or DevOps in general but aren't sure where to start, especially if your from an infrastructure background.

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